Fleeces and backpack/bags made with fabrics, zippers, and labels that would otherwise be destined for the shredder.


A line of products created by recovering leftover materials from the warehouse, in keeping with the upcycling philosophy. This allows fleeces and backpack/bags to be made using fabrics, zippers, and labels otherwise destined for the shredder.

Fleeces and backpack/bags made with fabrics, zippers, and labels that would otherwise be destined for the shredder. This is how our line of upcycled products began. Reuse of materials is one of the values that has guided Karpos and MVC Group for more than 70 years.


Creativity and manufacturing experience have led us over time to develop a new line of products with the goal of minimizing waste from our warehouses. The result is the family of garments marked with the “upcycled” label, which certifies the origin and provenance of these limited-edition technical garments.


“Karpos is pleased to be able to create a collection based on the principles of upcycling,” says Giuseppe Lira, Karpos brand manager. “We strongly believe that every one of us can do our part to lighten our footprint on the planet, both through the philosophy of recovery and through a more careful use of resources. For this reason, our collections will also increasingly feature natural fibers, such as hemp and merino wool, which will complement organic cotton.”


The line began with the Rina Bag, our limited-edition bag/backpack, and is continually evolving and expanding. Today it includes fleeces and hoodies, and jackets will be added in the future as well. Every product is developed based on the types of materials available: technologies and zippers combine to tell a new story.


To date, we have reintroduced 5,490 meters of fabric, 16,329 meters of elastic, and 6,793 labels into the production cycle. Quality raw materials that would otherwise have been destined for the shredder.

The ability to pursue this important goal is also made possible by our collaboration with Polartec, a brand of the Milliken group, a leader in the production of innovative and sustainable textile solutions. The partnership between our two companies results in high-quality, environmentally responsible products that allow you to better enjoy your outdoor adventures.


Polartec x Karpos | Power Half-Zip Fleece

Recover, rethink, reuse: this is the philosophy behind the high-performance and sustainable Power Half-Zip Fleece. It is a limited-edition fleece made by salvaging more than 500 meters of fabric and 400 zippers that had been in our warehouse since 2012 and were otherwise destined for the shredder. The garment is made with Polartec Power Stretch® Pro™ technology, featuring reinforced elastic fibers that create four-way stretch, meeting the requirements for good stretch and recovery. The double-faced fabric wicks moisture away from the skin and continuously transports it to the outer layer for rapid evaporation.

The unique structure ensures excellent resistance to abrasion, breathability, and quick drying, making the Power Half-Zip Fleece perfect for any outdoor excursion.


Polartec x Karpos |’80S R Polartec Hoodie

Hoodie made with the iconic Polartec® Classic 300 fabric, one of the first fleeces introduced to the market by Polartec. Premium polyester yarns in Polartec® fleece deliver comfortable performance and durability. It is one of the most reliable and versatile fabrics available, with a layered structure that creates pockets of air to retain heat while allowing for optimal breathability. To make the garment, we recovered 180 meters of fabric and 450 zippers that had been in the warehouse since 2013 and were otherwise destined for the shredder.

The ’80s R Polartec Hoodie is a new, lightweight, technical garment that takes us back to the origins of Karpos, to the ambition of creating an outdoor brand that could inspire the dreams of enthusiasts pursuing their passion.